Saturday’s Warriors is back for this fall season. Check out the flyer for the new dates. Come get better with us.
Quick Saturday’s Warrior Facts
- 10 Jamborees from March-July
- Over 900 wrestlers competed
- Over 3,500 matches wrestled
- Over 200 Clubs and schools from every corner of Arizona have been in attendance
- It has connected the wrestling community. I love seeing coaches help all wrestlers present. I love seeing parents connect from all parts of Arizona. I love seeing wrestlers from all over build a brotherhood and sisterhood.
- Most importantly, it has grown Arizona wrestling.
If you are looking for a Jamboree that will get you tons of matches with the best



Quest for 10

Cost is $10-You don't need a USA Wrestling Card but you will need to sign the liability and media waiver.

8:00am Registration for all wrestlers k-12

8:15am Everyone warms up together

8:30am Wrestling starts

10:30am Wrestling ends

We run four full mats and split them up in sections so that we can maximize mat time.

We have a main timer that starts and ends all matches at the same time. The timer is a running clock. Each We run about 15 matches in the morning. 

There will be no trainer on site. We will have trainer equipment that you can help yourself to.